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Application for Membership Information

Eligibility: Individuals who have completed training in Infectious Diseases, Clinical Microbiology, Pharmacology-Pharmacy, Public Health-Epidemiology, or other related specialties, are eligible to apply for Membership in the Michigan Infectious Diseases Society (MIDS). MIDS members are expected to be members of their respective professional societies, e.g., Infectious Diseases physicians are expected to be members of the Infectious Disease Society of America, the Michigan State Medical Society, or the Osteopathic State Medical Society.

Associate: Individuals who are not physicians or who do not hold a PhD, PharmD or equivalent but who have experience or special interest in Infectious Diseases and would like to take advantage of the educational assists to the Society may become an associate member. The majority of their professional activities must be in the field of infectious diseases and have continuing identification within the field. Associate members may not vote or hold office.

Emeritus: Members are identified as a regular member of high professional standing, upon attaining the age of 65, or for circumstances such as permanent disability may request emeritus status. Emeritus members are not required to pay dues, will received all mailings and may discuss, but not vote at the annual meeting, may nominate or second candidates for membership, however are not eligible for an elected office of the Society.

Members In Training: Individuals who are considered fellows in an accredited ID fellowship, IM residents, Pediatric or combined residency program or non-physicians in a postdoctoral training in ID, clinical microbiology or other related fields in the state of Michigan may become a member-in-training upon confirmation of status from a program director or supervisor. Members-in-training do not pay dues and may discuss, but not vote.


Dues are $45 per year, and if dues are not paid for two years, members will be removed from the membership list.

Requirements: An application package consists of this completed form, the names of two members of MIDS who have agreed to support your application, and your curriculum vitae. Upon receipt of all documents, your application will be sent to the MIDS Membership Chair and Executive Committee for approval. You will be notified by email when your application is approved, and a dues notice will be sent. 

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